Meet The Winners

The winning couple of the Hitched716 Wedding Giveaway!

Rachel & Darren

Announcing the Winners of Hitched716!

How did you meet?

Rachel: We met at our gym. Darren was working there as a personal trainer at the time. I used Mother's Day as an excuse to finally talk to Darren (I wanted to purchase a personal training package for my mom). Darren became my mother's personal trainer and my mother became my personal investigator LOL. I wanted to know if he had a girlfriend and what he was like. A couple weeks later, Darren gave me his phone number at the gym to set up a free workout. I ended up texting him that day, we carried on with the conversation, met up that evening, and talked until 5am. Within three days of getting to know Darren I told my mom, "I think I met my husband" for the first time. And I was right! :)

Darren: Rachel's point of view is somewhat accurate... but what Rachel left out of the story was how exactly "I gave her" my number... that particular day in question she approached me out of breathe, claiming that she "accidentally" knocked her iPod off the treadmill while running. In doing so she managed to hit the person running next to her with it and it went flying behind the treadmills where she couldn't reach. She came to me for "assistance" and I came to her rescue. Without wanting to be a creep while working I mentioned that if she was interested in a free session that I'd be willing to accommodate. All she had to do was get my number from her mother. I received a text from her a few hours later mentioning that she got my number and she felt as though I should have hers. I took it as the green light to ask her out that evening. We ended up seeing each other every night that week.

I still say she purposely threw the iPod to start up that conversation. Oh and don't worry no gym goers we're seriously injured that day.

How long have you been together?

Rachel: 6 1/2 years

Darren: 6 1/2 years

What do you do for a living?

Rachel: I'm a health coach and personal trainer by day and a bartender by night (working to pay off those student loans!).

Darren: I work as a Regional Wellness Coordinator for a company called Corporate Fitness Works that is contracted to CSX (the railroad company). By night, I'm a ninja. No really! ....well kind of. I train and travel doing Ninja Warrior competitions and am extremely passionate about it. I even have worked with kids and training them on the obstacles. With my passion for fitness and love for children there's nothing better than getting kids moving. They don't see it as exercise. They see it as fun.

What are your favorite things to do together?

Rachel: Anything active and outdoors (especially during the summer months). We love spending time at Delaware Park and Canalside. Saturday nights are our "date night" where you can find us dining out downtown or enjoying a new movie. We also share a passion for theatre. There's nothing better than watching a fantastic show at Shea's or supporting our friends who are involved in local theatre.

Darren: Rachel hit this one on the head. We love being active. Anytime, anywhere! We'll go to the gym, take a bike ride, go for a walk, make good use of a park bench, and every once in a while I get Rachel to strap up her rollerblades... providing there are no hills involved. :) We're regulars at Delaware Park, Canalside, and the Outer Harbor. Those Saturday nights she speaks of are fun filled evenings that we refer to as "date night." It can range from a quiet evening at home to a random fun filled adventure. Somehow, food is always involved. If you haven't figured it out yet we love good food. By the way Rachel is a PHENOMENAL cook. We do share a passion for the arts. Sometimes it's a movie on our couch, a trip to the movie theatre, or an evening out supporting our friends in a live local theatre performance.

What do you love most about living in Buffalo?

Rachel: The people. Our community. It's the city of good neighbors!

Darren: Our family is here. We were both born and raised here and the people we've surrounded ourselves with, new and old are like no other. We don't need to be blood relatives with someone to know that our friends can be considered our family!

What part of married life are you most looking forward to?

Rachel: Being able to wake up every morning next to my best friend. I also can't wait to start a family. Darren's amazing with kids, he's going to be the best dad.

Darren: Starting a family! I'm not saying it'll happen right away but I know we both can't wait to see our little mini-me's running around. Plus, I'm like a big kid.

How does it feel to be the winners of the Hitched 716 Wedding Giveaway?

Rachel: It feels surreal. Words can't possibly describe how I feel. I just know that we're beyond grateful. It's truly a blessing and we're honored to be the winners!

Darren: Rachel said this best! It feels as though it's unreal. "Somebody pinch me." We feel blessed and beyond grateful to have been part of the entire process.